Arts Beyond Arses: performers unite against sexist Fringe stunt


Arts Beyond Arses: performers unite against sexist Fringe stunt



Inspired by award winning comic and activist Juliette Burton, creator of 5-star show Look at Me, comedy editor of The Skinny magazine Vonny Moyes is joining forces with well-known performers to kick sexism in the ar[t]se.


Responding to a stunt  #GreatButtOut14, organised by Dan Lentell of Fringe Review, showgirl Ivy Paige, and Angry Young Women in Low Rise Jeans with High Class Issues – where female performers will have their bums photographed, compared and voted on to win a steak dinner – Arts Beyond Arses aims to highlight the prejudice that still plagues all spheres of creative expression.


Reputable publication Broadway Baby were named as having instigated the bet; publisher Pete Shaw and editor Frankie Goodway have since confirmed no involvement and expressed their concern at being linked to something so overtly sexist and damaging.


Embodying the true indie spirit of the Fringe, arts professionals and supporters are invited to join Arts Beyond Arses in ‘positive retaliation’ for a public photo call, where each individual or group shares a reason to banish sexism, or a hope for the arts beyond it. Photos will be collated online and later printed as part of an exhibition – details to be confirmed.  There will also be an opportunity to donate to body dysmorphia charity B.O.D.Y , to highlight the prevalence of the issue within the arts.

Commenting, Scotland’s Biggest Drag Queen, Nancy Clench said:

“Sexism should not be tolerated in our society, yet many continue to treat women in demeaning and insulting ways. As a drag performer, I’m often criticised for parodying women – I’ve never condoned sexism and I don’t insult women in my act. I’m a stand-up comedian that’s blurring the lines of gender to challenge the gender-normative society that we live in.

“I’ve always said that if we tackle misogyny and sexism then we’ll be able to stamp out homophobia as well. That’s why I’m fully being #ArtsBeyondArses because our industry means more than who’s got the best butt.”

Vonny Moyes, comedy editor of The Skinny says:

“We’ve made huge strides in having women’s voices heard during the Fringe, with artist such as Bridget Christie and Adrienne Truscott taking the top prizes. We’re finally moving beyond the old ‘are women funny?’ rhetoric – why are we setting ourselves back?

“Body confidence is a wonderful thing – but sexism masquerading as art only stifles those who’ve put far more into their shows than their looks. Focusing on parochial expressions of womanhood feeds objectification culture and results in body shame, depression, eating disorders and low self esteem. Who wouldn’t want to kick that in the arse?”


Join us for a celebration of talent beyond sexism, Friday from 4pm outside the Gilded Balloon, Bristo Square, Edinburgh.


Artist who endorse Arts Beyond Arses include:

Richard Gadd – comedian, Nancy Clench – comedian and activist, Juliette Burton comedian and journalist, James Hamilton – comedian, Eleanor Morton – comedian, Andrew Learmonth – comedian, Jenny Lindsay – poet, Rik Carranza – comedian, Doug Segal – mind reader and comedian, Dominic Hinde – journalist, Mel Bennett – comedian, Matthew Winning – comedian, Will Setchell – comedian, Aileen McKay – stage manager, Neil Milton – musician, and many more.


Arts Beyond Arses has not been organised by The Skinny


For more information please contact:

Vonny Moyes

Comedy Editor – The Skinny



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